solidarity means to know about people…

Who are w?

SOCONAS INCOMINDIOS is a non-profit organization whose goal is to unite all those who are interested in the Aboriginal Peoples of the Americas – in their cultures, as well as in their various political, social and cultural conditions. Many native people consider their material and spiritual existence as still being at risk. European public opinion must therefore get beyond sterile and anachronistic regrets for a “romantic” past that is lost forever. The aim is to achieve a better understanding of the present, while also taking into consideration the historical perspective.

What is our goal?

SOCONAS INCOMINDIOS’s goal, as stated in the statute, is to promote the knowledge of the cultures, the history, and the present day situation of Native Americans; to promote and maintain contacts with Native Americans and their organizations, as well as Italian and foreign cultural associations and support groups, and to promote periodically meetings, debates and exhibitions regarding the aforesaid issues.

How do we inform?

In addition to films and art shows, lectures and meetings – especially with Native American guests – we inform through TEPEE, SOCONAS INCOMINDIOS’ publication. Our aim is to provide a wide variety of information from diverse sources, in order to be able to evaluate and understand the news we receive (which is often not well interpreted by the media), and to keep us from idealizing a reality which is not ours.

TEPEE deals with topical subjects, tales, poems, historic profiles of the various tribes, ways of life and spirituality, reviews and any other issue regarding American Indians. Our main sources of information are the Indian Nations and organizations. We would be happy to receive any new information and publication and to publish translated articles written by Indian and non-Indian authors and scholars.

TEPEE is published every six months and the work is entirely done by volunteers.

If you wish more information about our organization or you would like to exchange publications, please write to SOCONAS INCOMINDIOS, c/o Vol.To., via Giolitti 21, 10123 Torino, Italy,

The subscription fee is € 30.00; this entitles you to get a calendar of events and receive TEPEE for one year- Please send an international postal order to SOCONAS INCOMINDIOS – via San Quintino 6, 10121 Torino, Italy,

iban: IT91 T076 0101 0000 0003 3770 108 SWIFT code: BPPIITRRXXX,